May 12, 2021
Gabriella Salazar

Gabriella Salazar signs with New Mex Records and Releases New Single, ‘Adicta’

Teenage award winning music artist, Gabriella Salazar shares her story about getting signed to new record label, New Mex Records and releasing her new single, ‘Adicta’.

Meet Gabriella Salazar.

I have always loved music and to sing, ever since I was a little girl; as I got older, I realized music was my passion and wanted to make singing a full-time career. When I was 8 years old, I wanted to learn how to play the guitar, so I decided to join my school’s mariachi program; which I have continued in, throughout middle school and high school. My music career began in 2016 when I recorded my first-released-single: “Gracias al Sol” and with this single at the 2017 New Mexico Hispano Music Awards I received the awards: “Rising Star of the Year” and “Crossover Song of the Year”. Over the next 4 years I have released the singles: “Bandido”, “En El Cielo” (Tears in Heaven), and my latest single “Adicta”. At the 2020 New Mexico Hispano Music Awards for “En El Cielo” (Tears in Heaven), I received “Crossover Song of the Year”.

Gabriella Salazar tells us about getting signed to New Mex Records and what plans you have with your new record label.

Recently I got signed to the record label: New Mex Records, how this came about was, over the last few years I was working on my music and taking lessons speaking Spanish; with Omar Hernandez, who is the founder and president of New Mex Records. When this label was created, I had the honor of being asked to be the first signing artist to this label which is an amazing opportunity. We have many projects in the works, one of which is completing and releasing a full Cd between a year to a year and a half from now.

Tell me about your new single, ‘Adicta’.

My latest single “Adicta” was inspired by the love my parents (Feliz and Jerome Salazar) have for each other. My parents have always supported me and they have been amazing role models for me; so, this song in a way pays tribute to that. Another reason this song came to be, was because the original singer (Elida Reyna), is one of my biggest music role models and inspirations and I have always loved to listen & sing this song.

Why did you choose this for your first release under your new label?

New Mex Records and I chose “Adicta ” to be the first single that I released under their label, because we agreed it was the perfect song for the beginning of this new collaboration, a fun song to dance to and a great song for the summer. This single is very catchy and great for all ages to listen too.

You are a very young lady, what plans are in your future?

My future music goals are to eventually make music my full time career, getting new opportunities to perform throughout the country and possibly internationally. New mexico is where my roots are so I hope to continue representing the music and beautiful culture that I was born and raised in.


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