March 5, 2021
Jean Gabriel Aguilera

Meet Jean Gabriel Aguilera

Jean Gabriel Aguilera is the youngest son of Latin Music Legend, Juan Gabriel. Jean was born in Santa Fe, New Mexcio and spent much of his childhood in New Mexico, growing up on his father’s ranch outside of Santa Fe in Nambe. In the last few years, Jean has launched his solo music artist career and his music is produced by his father’s musical producer, Gustavo Farias and his son Andres Farias. He has released three singles, in the music style of Urbano, which have become very popular with his fans, Chiquitita (feat. Yung Yogi), Conmigo and Dime. Jean now lives in Los Angeles, CA and is working on new recording projects. NM Universo proudly presents Jean Gabriel Aguilera.

Jean, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

 I grew up with music so from an early age I was fortunate to know my passion but I never thought I was good enough for it.  But thankfully I decided to take the leap and put myself out there.  I owe a lot to maestro Farias for helping me and believing in me with my first single “Chiquitita” which was a lot of fun.  

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way? 

 Yes and no I didn’t have the best confidence when I first began and of course there was going to be critics.  I would be lying if I said some didn’t sting but fortunately I kept striding and kept my head up.

Jean, you were born in Santa Fe, NM and you spent your childhood in New Mexico. Can you tell us what your childhood was like in New Mexico.

It was great I was very fortunate to have the dad that I had.  He gave us an amazing home in Pojoaque.  I loved going to mall, I thought it was the greatest place because of the carousel and the plaza.  The plaza was a gem and I remember my dad would love taking us there. So many good memories, I hold Santa Fe extremely close to my heart.

Can you share a story of a great memory you have of you and  your dad while you lived in New Mexico.

I remember he took us somewhere and we just played in mud.  It sounds odd but it was one of the funnest days I can remember.  He loved to take us anywhere that had to do with nature and outdoors but my mom would hate it cause we would always come back dirty.  

Can you give our readers some background on your music style and your songwriting?

I grew up with a great variety of music and I’m grateful for that. I would listen to mariachi music to hip hop to classic rock. I started writing at an early age but I didn’t start writing in Spanish until I was in my teens.  

Why did you choose to record this music style? 

 Its funny cause I growing up I always wanted to be in a rock band but something about reggeaton kind of took me by surprise.  I liked that I could incorporate all the music styles I love and make some fresh blend.  I was very narrow minded and naive when it came to music.  I thought if I couldn’t do a rock band then I couldn’t do music.  But this opened my eyes and made me realize I can venture on different styles.  I can do a reggeaton record but add my flavor and inspirations from what I listened to growing up.  

Jean, what are your future aspirations as a music artist? 

To do it all, I have very high aspirations for my music career.  I want to leave something behind I can be proud of.  Having a dad that is a massive figure is a motivation because I see what he did and what he accomplished.  So I want to accomplish the same, leave my own legacy and not live in his. 


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