June 23, 2024


Angel Espinoza Publisher and Creator  of NM Universo

NM Universo is an online magazine that comes from the inspiration and imagination of Angel Espinoza. Angel Espinoza is an award-winning New Mexico music artist and publisher and creator of NM Universo. “I wanted to create a place that supports and promotes New Mexico music for all to enjoy. This is a site where New Mexico music fans and artists can all come together and keep up with all the latest things happening in the New Mexico Music industry.” This site is a place for all fans and artists to interact and share this beautiful music with the world. This is an online music industry magazine that features song charts from the radio stations, new releases, and news. Get to know the creators and artists behind the music by reading feature articles on artists, music producers, composers, educators etc… Explore NM Universo to see all the amazing content it has to offer. Supporting New Mexico musicians and promoting this beautiful music is our main mission.

The NM Universo is constantly expanding. On this site you will find resources such as radio stations that play New Mexico music, find events such as upcoming live shows, watch television shows that have featured New Mexico music artists. We also have a section featuring New Mexico music artist music videos.

Contact Info:

Website :https://www.angelespinoza.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/solflorymar/