June 23, 2024
Severo y Grupo Fuego

Severo y Grupo Fuego releases ‘El Veneno’

Award winning New Mexico group, Severo y Guipo Fuego releases a new original song, ‘El Veneno’.

Severo, please tell us about your new single, ‘El Veneno’.

Our new single tells the story of how love can drive you crazy!  At times, love can feel almost like a drug. Something you become addicted too.  This song walks you through the journey a couple took on this path of love.  Remembering when they first met, growing apart and then finding each other again.  Finally, in the end, the love and bond they have created is so strong that they would rather “Enborracharame con tus besos, drunk in love.”

Who wrote this song?

I wrote this song and the music was arranged and recorded by all the members of Severo y Grupo Fuego.

What inspired you to record it?

This song was inspired by my older brother and his wife.  It tells the story of how they met and how the relationship lead to them getting married surrounded by the love of their two families.  It was actually the song we played for them as a surprise for their first dance at their wedding reception.

Do you have a music video for this song?

We currently do not have a music video to this song but a lyric video will be released in the next few weeks.

This song is available for digital download on all download platforms.  You can also listen to the song on the following YouTube link: