June 23, 2024
Karaoke Joe

‘Karaoke Joe’ Pays Tribute to Ernestine Romero

2020 Best Internet Radio Personality Nominee at the All Star Music Awards. Karaoke Joe is an On-Air Personality at Trodownmixx and House DJ/KJ at the Original Bailey’s Shed. Here is Karaoke Joe’s story and how he pays tribute to Ernestine Romero in his own words.

First off….Thank you again Angel for this Huge Honor. A lot of different events have Happened this year that I would’ve never expected. Including this. And I have Had a Long journey… to get me here.

Karaoke Joe shares his journey on becoming a popular Internet Radio Personality.

It all started with me sitting at my granddad’s record player when i was in 3rd grade. I used to sit there with my headphones on and just sing along with the records. My grandmother would say I sounded like a dying cow. LOL. My dream was to grow up and be just like Casey Kasem, Dick Clark, Paul Harvey, Wolfman Jack, and yes even Johnny Fever.  Lol. I would play the records and analyze every song.   Every Little Piece… every little section … until I figure it out each individual single. That of course led me to being a “band nerd”. I started by playing the slide trombone. And now my grandma called me a dying moose LOL. Music is always been a part of me.

In band I continued to analyze the music. I would sit there in the trombone section but watch every different instrument. All the fingerings for each song… on each Instrument. Starting with the brass… then Woodwinds and percussion. When I moved to Sweetwater it took me to another level. Because I had the opportunity to meet a great man… Mr. Cliff Franklin. He used to have me sit and arrange my own music. He always told me I had a gift. And to this day I thank him. Without him I don’t think I would be where I’m at right now.

As a sophomore in high school my dream finally came true. Well kind of.  Lol My first gig. It was at my step dad’s mom’s Club ..The Long Branch. Before Karaoke Joe..  it was just ..Joe Louis. What started off as me always dancing every weekend.. Turned into… The Beginning.  Playing on a combination of cassette players and record player… nothing even close to professional.     But i didnt care.    I finally was able to dj.

My Grandma and Tia and mom always said one day I was gonna be big in music.   But they thought in singing or writing or playing music.   I Dont thing they would of ever imagined me bein big as a DJ.   But I had a Dream.

This dream has taken me to so many places and introduced me to so many people.  From meeting Ike Turner and having Jam Sessions with him… to a chance meeting with China Phillips and singing the Rose with her… to meetin my two idols at the same time.. (my Favorite singer Stefani Montiel and my favorite producer/artist Gabriel Zavala)… to meeting a person who would turn out to be one of my best friends in the Industry… the Amazing Ernestine Romero.

I have worked so many gigs and jobs thru the years… and had so many amazing interviews with who i considered to be Legends.

I have to blame my recent success tho on a chance happening. Sitting at the House… just me and my amazing Kids (who are my Rocks)…and I saw a post about a radio show… Hosted by the great… DJ Peaches.   A New Beginning.

In chatting with her… she asked me to join the Station she was on. Tejanosbest.com.        I was On-Air.

Playing Everyones Favorite Jams. But little by little… I started learning New “Future Legends”.  And it became my passion to Push them and Their music.   Artist like Ernestine Romero…. Isabel Marie Sanchez… Beatriz…. Aisha…. Jimencio… Lisa Mar….Ladezz… Julito Candela…Rick Balderrama…. and So many more.

I found my True Calling.   Not to be Just a DJ… but to be “The DJ” that everyone knew would spin the Unknown…. and give his All the make them Known.

I stopped with Tejanosbest and soon Joined the amazing station… Trodownmixx.com… owned by Johnny Chanklas and La Chiflada.

A Life changing event.    We had the same philosophy and drive and It took me to another Level. They also believed in the New artist.    They were one of the first to push such bands as Revo Live Band and Bajo Zero… and was recognized for their efforts as Juan Jose gave his acceptance speech at the TMA’s and mentioned them. I wanted to be just like them.

But a huge obsticle was in my future.

I got the amazing opportunity to be a Personality on a local FM Tejano station.   My Dream…..

But it was not meant to be.  Thru countless hours in the studio… without any pay cause their wasnt any backers… the owner killed the station….and broke my heart.

And I … right there… lost my drive…. my ambition….. and my Love.  It completely Broke Me. I decided to Quit.     I remained djin in the clubs like always… but turned off my On Air Mic.  It was a low point in my Career.    

Time went by and then the most Horrible Day In My Life Happened.

A Message came across my Phone screen.    A Group of words I wouldve never thought I would Ever see Together.  A Sentence…. that brought me to my knees in Tears in the middle of my job.


What……      No……

This was a spam……    

This was not real

Olivia….. is everything ok.

Felipe…… what happened…

Kayla….please answer me….


(Im in tears right now remembering this)

As we all now know… it was true.  The day after her birthday… my friend…. was taken.     I watched our interviews….rewatched her fb lives…. heard her giggles…. and continued to cry.        Her Amazing Family invited me and my kids to the Candlelight Vigils…and the tributes…and the Funeral.      I have never cried so much.    

I cried .   For the Loss of a Friend… for the thought that our last Conversation…was our very last…but also…. I cried for my failure.         I failed Ernie.     In all my journeys….all my gigs and shows… there was still people who didn’t know her and her music.  And I Blamed myself.    I had quit.   And even tho I still pushed her music thru Facebook everytime she would ask me to…..   i had quit spinning On Air.

I Laid in my Room with my Pillow wet from tears. I had One more conversation…….

“I will never let you down Again Ernie.    I will push Your Music like I have Never Pushed Before.    Ur Giggle will stay in my Ears…. ur words will stay in my heart… ur hugs will keep me embraced… and ur family is now… My Family.”

I got home from the Funeral….went straight to work…and right after… got on the phone with Johnny Chanklas… “I wanna be Back On Air.   I am On a Mission.”   For Ernestine….for New Mexico….and for Every Single Artist… who believes in their Music and Their Dream. He said OK….. and again… A NEW BEGINNING.

Karaoke Joe’s New Mexico Connection and Tribute to Ernestine Romero

A beginning which has brought me to today…. and this Opportunity… to be included in the First Edition of many…of this Amazing Magazine Highlighting the New Mexico Artist.

I had the Opportunity to be the Presenter of the Tejano Fusion Award at the 29th Annual New Mexico Hispano Music Awards. An Award that was made and dedicated to Ernestine Romero.  I was also honored and blessed to be asked by mom (Olivia Romero) to speak that evening at the presentation of the NMHMA Lifetime Achievement Award..presented to Ernie.  I was filled with so much emotion.  Ernie was there.  And she guided me thru the night. And I Did my 1st Interview since I had been back… with the Amazing Santiago Alberto.  And In the Background of our Interview… was the Backdrop of the NMHMA Awards..and the picture of… “My Ernie”.  No one knew what that night truly meant to me…     I held my emotions back… and tried to be the Professional She knew I was… and Hid my Tears.    That Night was for her….because of her… and Lived… For Her.

Today… as I sit here for you and this Article Angel… I sit in a Humble state… and in a place in my life that as a little kid sitting at my grandads old record player… I would’ve never Imagined.  My career has truly been a blessing…thru all the Highs and the Lows.     I am Proud to say that because of all my loyal friends…family…and followers…I am at a place I would of never Imagined.    I Am a Music Award Nominee.    Voted by my peers and more Importantly….by the public… as the All Star Music Award Best Internet Radio Personality of the Year Nominee.        And If I am able to bring this Home… I will direct it to everyone who has taken this journey with me and led me thru this all.  Because of them… I am Here.  And I will ask a Special Favor of mom (Olivia Romero) when the time comes… and dedicate this Award to my friend…  La Reyna de Nuevo Mexico… La Jovencito…(or as Ernies now says La Joven Viejita. Lol) Ernestine Romero.      This journey is not over for me.  I am on a Mission.  Ernestine Romero 2020.    And I Will accomplish it.

I dont know where this road will lead me next … or Who I will be blessed to Introduce yall too Next….. but I Do know.. that there is More Unknown Legends to be found.    Thank you for this opportunity Angel.  Im Blessed and Honored. Like I always say….

Time2Trodown… Let’s Go!!! 

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