May 27, 2024
Candace Vargas

Candace Vargas shares her Musical Journey

Candace Vargas talks about her musical journey from starting out as a three year old child singing for family gatherings to becoming a popular, Award-winning New Mexico music artist.

Candace Vargas shares the story of her Musical Journey in her own words:

I started singing at a young of 3 years old when my dad was practicing for a guitar recital at Northern New Mexico College. Not knowing Spanish, one evening while he practiced I jumped in and began to sing “Los Laureles”.  After that my family would encourage me with candies and a dollar to sing for them at family gatherings. I had the honor at a very young age to perform a song here and there with established bands and artists which only heightened my love for the stage. At 8 years old a friend of my parents (Frances Castellano) heard me sing at Holy Cross School and suggested that I should join a Children’s and Youth Talent Competition so with very little time my parents had a music track produced for me. That very same year I won the “Child Artist of the Year” and “Children’s Song of the Year” with the New Mexico Hispano Music Association (NMHMA). As the recipient of these two awards I also won an all-expense paid trip and the chance to perform with Mariachi Tapayec at the Grand Opening of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I recorded my first CD at the age of 9 entitled “Ay Pollito” and recorded my second album “Corazoncito” at the age of 10. At the age of 12, I attended my first Tejano Music Convention where I was discovered by (Javier Galvan) and began recording Tejano style music. At the age of 13, I recorded my first Tejano Album entitled “Es Amor.” At the age of 14, I recorded “Enamorada”. At the age of 15, I recorded my 5th CD entitled “Quince” and began touring the Midwest opening up for Grammy Award winning groups. At the age of 17, I recorded my 6th CD entitled “Yo Soy Mujer”. At the age of 18, I recorded and released my 10-year anniversary CD titled “Diez Años musicales” which featured a duet with Jerome Grant. At the age of 19, I was honored to be one vocalist of many in a Tejano compilation CD that featured all female artists in the Tejano industry entitled “Divamania” with the band AVIZO from Houston Texas.

After this CD, I took a break to attend and concentrate on college and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics all the while performing locally with my dad’s band “NortherN 505”. Upon graduation, I wanted to get back into music and recorded my most recent album titled “A Mi Modo.” I was given more creative freedom so this is why I named it as such. I am currently working on two new projects and I am very excited for the release of these projects. More details to come.

It hasn’t always been smooth. Some of the struggles that I have encountered throughout my career have been becoming a female entertainer in a male dominant genre. Other struggles that I have encountered would be my transition from one genre to another while striving to be accepted. This took me out of my comfort zone but it is an experience that I will always cherish. Other that those two items my career has been a whirlwind.

My music is a cross between New Mexico style music and Tejano music with a touch of Mariachi influence.  I place one gospel song in my CD’s because to give thanks to God  for my voice to spread his word.

Candace tells us about the songs she has recorded which have been the most successful.

I would have to say from my New Mexico style releases, it would have to be Mis Grampitos, Ay Pollito, Para Mis Padres, and Corazoncito (2nd album). In Tejano genre it would be Pajarito Pajarito, Es Amor, No Tengo Plata Ni Oro, Yo Soy mujer, Sera, El Dia del Solteras and Dime Dime, and La Basuruta.  

Candace’s family plays a role in her music career

My dad, Joel Vargas Sr. handles the music portion, my mother, Ruth Ann Galvan-Vargas handles the business aspect, and my brother, Joel Vargas Jr. handles the creative and marketing portion. This gives me the opportunity to concentrate on performance, music, and songwriting. We all work together as a cohesive team.

Candace Vargas has received many music awards

I have received 22 New Mexico Hispano Music Association (NMHMA) awards including Female Vocalist of the Year, Original Song of the Year, Ranchera Song of the Year, Cumbia Song of the Year, and Conjunto Song of the Year 5 years in a row, 1 Quince Grande award, and 3-time GRAMMY consideration. My Dad (Joel Vargas Sr.) has won Songwriter of the Year and Original Song of the Year.

Candace shares what her future aspirations as a music artist are

I have dreams of recording and performing all of my original compositions that I have written throughout the years. I would also love to tour on a grand scale and continue to spread happiness and love through my music. I want to be an influence to aspiring artists and continue to preserve our language, heritage, and culture.

Album – Es Amor Album: Song – No Tengo Plata Ni Oro

Album – Quince: Song – Tiki Tiki Tak

Album – Enamorada: Song – La Basurita

Album – Yo Soy Mujer: Songs – Yo Soy Mujer and Dime Dime

A Mi Modo: Sera and El Dia Del Solteras 

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